• One of the great contemporary portraits of Nordic Life
  • The brilliant second novel in the Encircling trilogy, a searing psychological portrait of a man by his friends

About the Book

In this second Encircling book, set on the backwater island of Otterøya, Tiller continues the singular premise of his prizewinning trilogy. David, the enigmatic and absent central character, has lost his memory. At the behest of his psychiatrist, three friends send in letters about the childhood they shared. We hear from Ole, a hardworking, naive, farmer struggling on the brink of marital breakdown; from Tom Roger, a musclebound outsider fearful of spiraling into domestic violence; and from Paula, a midwife retired to an old people’s home, where she guards explosive secrets of her own and David’s past.

Using a carefully scored polyphony of voices, and unflinching domestic focus, Tiller shows how deeply identity is influenced by our friendships. The Encircling  trilogy presents an epic saga of Norwegian life that is both starkly honest and unnervingly true.

Winner English PEN Award

Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize

448pp B Format Pbk: £8.99: Pub Jan 2017
ISBN: 978-1-908745-63-7
eISBN: 978-1-908745-60-63