• “A quietly brilliant writer, almost eccentric in his craftsmanship.”The Sunday Times

About the Book

By the winner of the BBC National Short Story Award

In the small hours of January 1st, a man begins to write, having watched Le Grand Concert de la Nuit, a film in which a former lover – Imogen – plays a major role. For the next twelve months, he writes something every day. What he writes is The Great Concert of the Night.

His journal is a ritual of commemoration and an investigation of the character of Imogen and her relationships – with the writer; with her family; with other lovers; and with a young homeless man named William, who becomes a lodger in the writer’s house.

Imogen is an elusive subject, and The Great Concert of the Night is an intricate text, mixing scenes from the writer’s memory and the present day, and scenes from Imogen’s films, with observations on a range of subjects, from the visions of female saints to the history of medicine and the festivals of ancient Rome. But one subject comes to occupy him above all: what happens when a person becomes a character on the page.


Further reviews:

“This is a subtle, erudite novel – a novel as French cinema, both in form and content. At times it reminded me of James Salter, and yet at the same time it is very British indeed. Jonathan Buckley is one of the UK’s most cultured and original novelists writing today.” Neil Griffiths, Republic of Consciousness

“A quietly brilliant writer, almost eccentric in his craftsmanship.”  The Sunday Times

304pp original Demy pbk : £11.99
ISBN 978-1-908745-77-4
epub ISBN: 978-1-908745-78-1
Pub May 8th 2018