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288pp B-format paperback
ISBN: 978-0956308603



There’s No Home

by alexander baron

Set in 1943. A rare insight into the emotional impact of war.

It’s 1943. The allied invasion of Sicily. In a lull in the fighting, a British battalion march through the summer heat into the bombed-out city of Catania, to be greeted by the women, children and old men who remain there. Yearning for some semblance of home life, the men begin to fill the roles left by absent husbands and fathers. Unlikely relationships form; tender, exploitative even cruel, and each doomed to end when the battalion moves on.

Many lives interleave in There’s No Home but at its heart is the love that develops between Graziella, a bright young mother, and Sergeant Craddock, whose faltering Italian and rough attempts at seduction mask a deeper sympathy. In this sensitive and authentic portrayal of men and women thrown together by chance and conflict, Baron offers us a rare insight into the emotional impact of war.

* A remarkably authentic and sensitive portrayal of men and women thrown together by chance and conflit.

* Written on Baron’s return from World War II.

Arguably the finest British novelist of the Second World War, Alexander Baron (1917–99) enlisted in the army in 1939. His experience fighting in Sicily and at the D-day landings informed his bestselling novels, From the City, from the Plough (1948), There’s No Home (1950) and The Human Kind (1953). He went on to write fourteen novels and several screenplays.

Here is a biography of Baron on Wikipedia.

Strikingly real. Beautifully written. This book is a revelation.
— Esther Freud

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