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256pp original paperback
ISBN: 978-0953522767



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by tom bullough

A fresh and exciting debut novel

In an attic in Southwest London, an acid factory has just been dismantled. Six students, among them the luminously sexy Belle, are speeding in a decommissioned ambulance towards a tiny cottage in the Welsh borders. Two homicidal drug dealers and one middle-aged police inspector are giving chase.

Meanwhile, Belle’s jilted lover Angus stares out of his cottage window at shadows sliding across the grassy hillside, listens to squirrels fidgeting in the eaves and turns his thoughts to a squadron of young Japanese pilots, setting out from a Kyushu airstrip in 1945 intent on restarting the Second World War.

And that’s just the beginning…

In this fresh and exciting debut novel, Tom Bullough brilliantly combines the best rites-of-passage storytelling with the helter-skelter adroitness of a road movie.


“Energy, humour and a roller-coaster plot are more than some debut novelists manage but 26-year-old Tom Bullough hits all three bull’s-eyes with A.” - Financial Times

“A thoroughly good debut novel … the plot is strong and gripping, and the characters are so meticulously developed that, in the end, even bit-part characters will stay in your mind.”
The Courier

“He’s hip, he’s funny and, most unusual of all, Tom Bullough isn’t afraid to get tender with his characters. He writes about intimacy with as much assurance and honesty as he does about acid. Enjoy the ride. But there’s a risk…” Francine Stock

Immensely enjoyable… almost unbearably tense
— The Guardian

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