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A Sort Of Children’s Classic (age 7+)
ISBN: 978-1908745699


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Moominsummer Madness

by tove jansson

A Special Collectors’ Edition Moomin Hardback lovingly restored to its original stunning design

Floating teacups, a prison break and a theatre cast adrift…it’s Moominsummer Madness!

The Moomins, in case you didn’t know, are kind, philosophical creatures with velvety fur and smooth round snouts, who live in a tall blue house in a beautiful woodland valley beside the sea.

One summer a grumbling volcano causes Moominvalley to flood, forcing the Moomins to leave their beloved home and find refuge on a floating theatre.  When this casts adrift, leaving Moomin, the Snorkmaiden and Little My marooned on land, Moominsummer Madness ensues. 

Will they all be reunited before the final curtain?

Moominsummer Madness, the fourth novel in the Moomin series, was published in 1954. It has remained in print for over sixty years, appearing in more than fifty languages. 

Tove Jansson was a genius of a very subtle kind. These simple stories resonate with profound and complex emotions that are like nothing else in literature for children or adults.
— Philip Pullman

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