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224pp Original paperback with flaps
ISBN: 978-0954899585
Translated from Swedish by Silvester Mazzarella


Travelling Light

by tove jansson

Translated into English for the first time, Travelling Light takes us into new Tove Jansson territory.

A professor arrives in a beautiful Spanish village only to find that her host has left and she must cope with fractious neighbours alone; a holiday on a Finnish Island is thrown into disarray by an oddly intrusive child; an artist returns from abroad to discover that her past has been eerily usurped.

With the deceptively light prose that is her hallmark, Tove Jansson reveals to us the precariousness of a journey – the unease we feel at being placed outside of our millieu, the restlessness and shadows that intrude upon a summer.

  • A brilliant new collection of stories, gripping and unnerving.

  • Introduced by Ali Smith.

  • First ever publication in English, in a translation by Silvester Mazzarella.

Jansson’s prose is wondrous: it is clean, deliberate; an aesthetic so certain of itself it’s breathtaking.
— Kirstie Gunn, Daily Telegraph

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