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256pp Original paperback
ISBN: 978-0953522774



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among muslims

by Kathleen Jamie

When ten Pakistani men walk into Kathleen Jamie’s small Scottish town on a peace march, in November 2001, she is thrown back to her own travels in Northern Pakistan and a book she wrote a decade earlier.

Among Muslims is the account of Jamie’s time travelling alone and living among the Shia and Ismaili Muslims in the Northern Areas – the mountainous regions wedged between Afghanistan, India and China and one of the most volatile borderlands in the world.

A bold, sympathetic and superbly written book, Among Muslims delves into Jamie’s own Scottish upbringing to find links with the purdah-observing lifestyle of her Shia Muslim hosts. It is a privileged account from an acclaimed poet, who during her travels was often literally the only woman on the bus.

Among Muslims was originally published as The Golden Peak. For this edition, Kathleen Jamie returned to Pakistan to write an Afterword and Preface.


“Illuminated throughout with a vision that sees beneath surfaces. To share a journey such as this is an enriching experience.” Norman Lewis

“A wonderfully sensual study of the land and its people which feels more topical than timeless.” The Observer

“This eloquent tale with its plea for understanding and tolerance couldn’t have been better timed.” The Sunday Times (Book of the Week)

“A better emissary to the Karakoram could not be imagined. She displays a deep warmth unemcumbered by illusion.” Scotland on Sunday

The power of her prose is spare but magical . . . this should be required reading.
— Daily Telegraph

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