Paddle on the road

Jasper Winn is on the road again, talking about his book, Paddle, about kayaking around Ireland in the worst summer in living memory (see below for a nice video clip of him meeting a shark). He will promoting ‘Slow Adventure’ at Stuckeridge Literary and Music Festival, Devon, on 24 March. Then on home ground at Dingle's Féile Na Bealtaine arts festival (3–6 May), and West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry on 11th July, where he will be joined by fellow Sort Of author, Chris Stewart.

Meetings with remarkable sharks

Jasper Winn has been touring his book, Paddle: A Long Way Around Ireland, around the festivals. And this is the clip everyone loves: Jasper kayaking straight into a shark, which then swims under him. Watch the Video

If you’d like to hear Jasper talking about his trip, and his relationship with Ireland, there’s an extended interview on the Outdoors Station website.